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Area Energy and Electric, Inc. offers HVAC, Home Security, Planning & Installation, and Drawings. We may offer services you did not know we handled. Ask us what we can do for you!




New Construction

New home construction can be a tough and stressful time in a homeowners life...but not with Area Energy and Electric, Inc. Our licensed, bonded and insured electricians work diligently to meet construction deadlines and pass inspection the first time, saving you time and money!


Whether your home is in need of electrical upgrades, or maybe putting an addition onto your home, Area Energy and Electric, Inc. will review your project and make recommendations that will enhance your property.

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Electrical Service Update

Why consider the expense of upgrading your electrical system...simple, Area Energy and Electric, Inc. strives to give a home more efficiency, give your family a safer environment, and to increase your home's overall value.

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